When to Choose Overseas Shipping

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Shipping companies come in different flavors depending on your needs. Overseas shipping companies fill a specific niche for international transport when time is not a factor and cost effectiveness if needed over speed of delivery. There are a few things you should look at before selecting freight by water as your mode of shipment.

First, most shipping companies offer a variety of transportation services and can help you determine your real needs and priorities. If you have a small shipment that only needs to go a few hundred miles, overland freight or a quick air cargo transport may be your best option.

Air freight is also a popular option for transatlantic transport or other international shipments; this is also the preferred mode when time is of the essence and the product requires to be delivered swiftly to its destination. Air transport is expensive, but may be the most practical for those in need of a swift solution.

However, when there is no need for speed and your shipment is a heavy or unwieldy one, overseas shipping for your cargo may be the best option of all. Vessels can handle incredibly heavy equipment safely and effectively, and transport it to its destination without incident.

Shipping by ocean carrier may be slow, but it is dependable and less expensive in many cases than air shipment. Most carriers will allow two options – either intermodal containers arriving with your cargo intact, or the use of their own containers for an additional charge. This makes it easy to customize to your needs – whether you need your order delivered and packed at the docks, or if it will be packed in a container elsewhere and transported to the dock via overland or air freight.

If your shipment does not fill an entire container, you can often split the cost with another client to save money – inquire with your shipper as such ‘partial loads’ can be arranged to mutually benefit all parties. Many shipping companies also provide short or long term storage in addition to overseas transportation – if you require storage upon offload, make sure that you check for space availability before your shipment is underway.

Shipping companies that diversify are often in a position to offer ‘combination packages’ that will also cut costs. Hiring a logistics company that has ongoing service contracts with air cargo routes, overland freight handlers and ocean carriers can decrease your upfront costs and also allow you to bargain for better rates on overseas shipping depending on your international shipping volume and frequency.

Bottom line – when you are deciding what mode of transport to select, look for shipping companies that offer air and land service as well as overseas shipping to get the best rates and prevent you from having to hire additional companies to handle secondary legs of the trip.

When you can afford to let the delivery take a lengthy amount of time to reach its destination or you have cargo to ship that is too heavy or bulky for standard options, a shipping company that offers oceanic transport may be your best choice for reliability and cost effectiveness.

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