Wash On Wheels Truck Fleet Clients Increase Truck Washing to Prevent Damage From Colorado’s Winter

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Denver, CO (PRWEB) December 13, 2012

More frequent truck washing is necessary to prevent vehicle damage from chemicals used to reduce ice and snow on the roads. Magnesium chloride and other types can cause problems with all vehicles. But its more noticeable on commercial vehicles because they spend more time on the road.

In addition, the undersides of commercial vehicles are more exposed than a typical passenger vehicle. The brake drums are open on the inside to allow better dissipation of the heat caused by the braking needed for all that weight. And the wiring is more exposed on the open design of box trucks and tractor-trailer combinations.

“Many of our clients go from one truck wash per month to two or more washes per month. While more frequent truck washing wont completely prevent damage from magnesium chloride, it will reduce the impact and needed repairs, said Joel Shorey, President of Wash On Wheels.

Shorey has the experience to know what hes talking about. He spent many years driving tractor-trailers over the road and has more than 2.5 million miles without a moving violation or chargeable accident. He hauled oversize loads to mines in Canada and Alaska where most of the roads are only two lanes. His winter driving includes trips as far north as Labrador City, Newfoundland and Fairbanks, Alaska.

With 26 years experience in Denver, Wash On Wheels knows how to deal with Colorados winter conditions. They specialize in EPA water recovery and include it with their truck washing service at no extra charge.

Wash On Wheels is Colorado’s largest mobile pressure washing company. In business since 1985, they have an A+ rating with the Denver/Boulder BBB. The companys services include pressure washing commercial buildings, sidewalks, parking garages, restaurants, and graffiti removal. Their services also include car washing for auto dealers, fleet truck washing, boat cleaning and interior and exterior detailing. They specialize in emergency grease and oil spill cleanups. Wash On Wheels services the Denver metro area and Front Range Colorado. For more information, contact Joel Shorey at 303-937-7181 or visit http://www.washonwheels.net.

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