Safety is the key to our Success. Central Lift Maintenance prides itself with a “Be Smart Work Safe” approach to each and every project. With an extensive yearly output of man hours and over 20 locations, Central Lift Maintenance Group has always maintained one of the lowest incident reports across the industry, all while we properly maintained and repaired more than 1000 assets under our care. You can read all about CLMG’s Safety Promise by clicking here.


Our Safety Training


Safety is the key to our Success. Central Lift Maintenance group has gone several years without documenting a single injury! As a matter of fact, we consistently compile more than 100,000 man-hours yearly across all of our operations without a single injury and have received numerous awards from our clients for operating injury free at their locations.

Our motto is “Be smart, work safe”. Everyday we strive to eliminate workplace accidents by continuously training our technicians on safety procedures and programs. We have an effective communication process to assure our employees understand possible workplace hazards and how to avoid them so the work environment is kept free from injury and accident. Here is a list of the areas we focus and train on in order to keep safe work environment. Click here.



ALL CLMG technicians are trained in the following areas:

  • Haz Mat
  • Haz Communication
  • Security Awareness
  • Defensive Driving
  • First Aid
  • Heat Stress
  • Blood Born Pathogen
  • Fork Lift
  • Boom Lift
  • Fall Precention
  • Ladder Safety
  • Lock Out / Tag Out
  • CPR
  • SPCC Training



You can also learn about our Technician Safety Training by clicking here. You can also contact us today to learn more about our services and to find out how we can make your asset management easy to handle. We keep your down time on equipment to a minimum so that you can increase your bottom line profits. Call us today at 815.534.6200 Ext. 110 or click the link below to send us your questions.

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