Radius Steel Fabrication Earns a World-Recognized Credential that is Held in the Highest Esteem by Customers Within the Global Welding and Steel Fabrication Industry

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Sioux City, Iowa (PRWEB) February 19, 2013

Quality is a serious and critical element to Radius Steel Fabrication SOO Tractors overall goal toward operational excellence. The company has a long-standing reputation for precision and quality. As Radius Steel extends its manufacturing scope from agricultural machinery into the heavy equipment / construction, oil and gas, mining, refuse, and military/defense industries, Radius Steel wants to make certain that its products meet the most stringent quality inspections. With an already impressive 6/10th of 1% in warranty work, Radius Steel continuously evaluates how they can continue to optimize and further improve upon their goals. The Canadian Welding Bureaus certification was the next step for the company in their continuous effort to exceed their customers expectations and requirements.

The Canadian Welding Bureau is an independent, non-profit certification and registration organization for companies involved in the welding of steel. In addition to continuing the advancement in welding technology, the organization works to maintain the highest level of competence for industries employing welding. Formed in 1947, the Canadian Welding Bureau is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada as a certification body for the administration of CSA standards to industries. The CSA Standards have fastidious requirements with respect to personnel, procedures, and workmanship. Additionally, requirements are continually verified through on-site audits every six months. The Canadian Welding Bureau certification means that our company, welders, and welding supervisors have earned a world-recognized credential that is held in high esteem amongst manufacturers internationally, expresses Ida Covi, CEO of Radius Steel Fabrication. The certification adds another layer of quality control, guaranteeing superior welding procedures, weld quality, and workmanship.

Besides being a strategic competitive advantage, why would a company submit themselves to these rigorous standards and continual outside reviews?


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