Old School Heavy Equipment 1959 International TD340 Basket Case, International Dozer, Skid Loader

Posted by on April 27, 2013 in Heavy Equipment Safety | 5 comments

Beau the Mechanics new Basket case track loader, Ever wondered what equipment built america? heres an example of an old track loader i saved from the scraper…
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  1. vinegar will eat the rust right away ..but then dip em in diesel to neutralize the vinegar cause sometimes it eats more then you want

  2. Nice save man. I try to go with the same mantra of save em when you can cause they are going to china in itty bitty pieces all to often. I actually have an international t340, the gas dozer version of that nifty machine you have there (check out the vids) Sorry to hear your undercarriage is toast, its the hardest thing to source for these little dozers unfortunately. Been looking for new tracks for mine for quite a while now. Keep up the good work and best of luck :-)

  3. i really appreciate it, maybe one day ill have that many views. I’m not the most computer savvy person but slowly learning, that’s a good idea for the end of the videos. I’ve already been looking into the lawn mower powered go cart. I might just go buy a frame off craigslist and show how to install the engine. I could build the whole thing but I can buy a rolling cart frame for $50 on craigslist.. What do you think? keep the ideas coming!

  4. you should have a million subscribers. This is an highly underrated channel. I have a ton of ideas of videos I would love to see. I want to see you build a go cart out of a lawn mover engine.
    At the end of your videos tell the viewers to Rate, Like or Dislike, Comment, Share and subscribe. You will be surprise how fast your channel grows.

  5. im just trying to keep cool stuff from the scrappers. way to many cool pieces of machinery are being crushed and melted.
    thanks for watching, if you have any ideas for future videos, let me know and ill try and make them.
    thanks beau

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