1. That is one beast of a trailer,great job. :-)

  2. great job later

  3. Very nice rebuild, you took a good tired trailer and customized it with more strength and features you needed.

    Great series of repair and good use of your salvage materials.
    2 thumbs up here Mustie1

  4. You must have better luck with trailer tires. I use ours to carry our wheeling vehicle and end up replacing 1 trailer tire on the road about once a year. Usually it happens when I’m 400+ miles from home. I am now to the point where I carry 2 spares, just in case. Its been less bad since I switched to E rated tires but I still get flats, even on < 1 year old tires.. A few of the people I go wheeling with have ended up with 2 flats in a single weekend.

  5. Very nice work sir. Have you thought about using one of the DIY bed liner products for the underside instead of paint. I have heard of people doing that on the underside of trucks. Just a thought. Enjoy your videos.  Keep them coming.


  6. who says im not green,

  7. im hopping that l never have to take it down,

  8. thats so true,

  9. l wont

  10. l was getting that feeling when l was asking around,

  11. thanks hope it will be around for a long time,

  12. l have some of that too,

  13. just turned it on today, 

  14. l ended up making it with the wing nut, but may change it out if l take a trip to the bone yard, hope santa sends you a new computer for christmas,,

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