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(PRWEB) February 27, 2005

Dataneer is offering consulting services and a software solution for trucking firms in the general freight trucking business providing over-the-road transportation of general commodities using motor vehicles, such as trucks and tractor trailers. The software is ideal for trucking firms who have reached the threshold of growing pains. Increasing demand for efficient management of customers, carriers, freight, and equipment – the traditional paper and pencil method of processing orders and invoices is no longer practical to manage the increasing volume of transportation of perishable time-sensitive goods. Order fulfillment includes taking all information relevant to an order which includes shipper, consignee, cargo information, pickup and delivery dates, and billing information. Manual processing of shipment orders is no longer practical and they are looking for automation and centralized gathering and retrieval of critical information such as customer information, freight pickup and delivery information, available resources such as drivers, support personnel, trucks and equipment. These firms may not have the resources to setup a dedicated IT department and handle their data processing. They maybe unable and are unwilling to purchase expensive software systems that may cost from $ 50,000 to $ 100,000 and requiring expensive infrastructures including database management systems such as Oracle, or IBM, dedicated servers, routers, firewalls, and a local area network. Hiring and training of IT personnel to support the system in-house may also be an issue. Most firms would rather concentrate on their core business.


The system offers users the ability to access critical information centrally, remotely and in real time. With remote, shared and integrated view of information, the personnel involved in the business operations can effectively manage and grow its core business. Access to this information can generate both maximum revenue and savings which can be translated into thousands of dollars. All the company needs is a desktop pc and fast internet connection. It is DATANEER’s plan to market the software as a service whereby clients will download the software to their PCs, using DSL or cable modem, connect to the internet and login to their own database in the data center, perform the more common business tasks such as order entry, dispatching, invoicing, and customer contact information management.


There is also an interface to Microsoft’s MapPoint, where routing and directions can be displayed. Distance calculation between points of origins and destinations and estimated fuel costs can also be extracted to aid in keeping a good management handle on expenses. An exciting new feature is the ability to store images related to equipment and personnel into the database for central access.


Another module manages and keep tracks of equipment, maintenance schedules, work orders, personnel or technicians undertaking maintenance or repairs, tasks, responses, and other information critical for equipment and manpower scheduling, planning, and resource allocation. Planned equipment maintenance, whether it is preventive, diagnostic or corrective will save the business enterprises thousands of dollars in terms of minimizing lost revenue due to unplanned repairs. Planned preventive maintenance also minimizes the cost of doing these repairs. The cost of the software is marginal compared to the savings in terms of repair costs or equipment unavailability. By providing end users centralized and real-time information of the company’s equipment which includes availability and maintenance schedules, the system will help maximize utilization of the company’s resource and will also minimize downtime and maintenance costs.


The product adopts the client-server architecture. It also utilizes standards based on rapid application design and object-oriented programming. This architecture is ideal for creating multi-user networked applications that are modular and scalable. The client software is a Microsoft windows-based application; thus leveraging the ubiquitous nature of the pc-based operating systems. The feature-rich graphic capabilities of windows has enabled our application to be more user-friendly but at the same time provides strong data validation and lookups to ensure data integrity. For the server, we have decided to use open-source systems such as Linux for the operating system and MySQL for the database.


The internet is ideal for online transaction processing for the following reasons (a) there is a sizable number of clients within the target market because of the low price and accessibility of the necessary technology, (b) the information is stored in a secured and reliable data center; clients simply run the client software on their pc, and process their data via the Internet from anywhere in the world.


The basic package utilizes the internet as the network. The database servers are located in secured data centers. We will be able to offer the software not as a product but a service, along the line of being an Application Service Provider (ASP). This offers an affordable but equally reliable and scalable alternative software system which requires minimum hardware and network infrastructure. Although there is no expected dramatic time gain for order entry processing, the real benefit is the systematic and organized method of data processing, which includes centralized and validated data, its networked and multi-user capability, and easy access using the internet infrastructure. This will minimize errors, and offers a fast an easy way for querying and management reporting. This is critical for efficient order processing, and also minimize customer complaints. The current configuration can handle more than fifty users without performance penalties. This offers the company the ability to grow and scale up. The company has successfully converted a previous stand-alone desktop version of the software into a client-server architecture using Windows pc as the client software, Linux as the server operating system, MySQL as the database server, and the internet as the network backbone. The server resides in a data center located in Southern California .


Dataneer strongly believes the following factors that distinguish our products from our competitors are:


(1) We utilize the richness of the Microsoft windows platform to design the client software for data entry, validation and presentation,


(2) We utilize the Internet as a network backbone for data processing,


(3) We exploit the existence of underutilized capacity of data centers that can serve as database servers for transaction processing. This offers a scalable, secure, and inexpensive alternative to a dedicated IT department,


(4) By recognizing the availability and scalability of open source operating systems such as LINUX, and MySQL, we are able to offer our customers an affordable software solution, and


(5) The software is designed to be easily ported to other proprietary platform technologies such as ORACLE, MSSQL, and Windows servers without major rewrites. Also the client software base code is compatible with leading-edge technologies such as the Microsoft’s .Net Framework architecture. Eventually the client application will be ported to other operating systems such as LINUX, and MAC. And although the software has its own core proprietary technology, it is not tied to a specific operating system or third-party proprietary technology.


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