Examines Major Role of Hyster Forklift’s Customer Service to Help Maintain its Leadership in Highly Competitive Industry

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Moorestown, NJ (PRWEB) December 18, 2012

An article about Hyster Forklifts on a popular new website dedicated to the material-handling industry demonstrates the important relationships between quality products and excellent customer service. reports that among the twenty top material-handling companies in the industry, those that are most successful tend to devote as much attention to service after the sale as they do to product quality. The Hyster Forklift Company has an enviable reputation in the highly competitive forklift industry. It produces six types of forklifts and boasts of being at the forefront of technology and design in the industry.

Hyster is a brand name marketed by NACCO Industries of Cleveland, Ohio that emerged from the logging industry of the Pacific Northwest in 1929. Because of its relationship to the logging industry, it initially was associated with heavy duty lift trucks the kind that could lift extremely heavy payloads. So from its beginnings, the company earned an early reputation for product durability. That reputation trickled down to smaller sized equipment and remains with the company to this day. Hyster Forklift Dealers have a strong and diverse global presence and are in the forefront in the delivery of quality products.

But according to the analysis of top forklift companies, product reputation is not enough to keep a company on the top of the sales and profits pyramid. As the article states, Hyster learned early on that beyond extensive product field testing, the company has to pay an equal amount of attention to customer research and product satisfaction. They involve their customers in ergonomic research in order to design equipment compatible with driver comfort and safety. Extensive user surveys are taken before the engineers complete their equipment design work.

Even more important, the article goes on to report, is the creation of a strong dealer support network which promotes fleet management, parts supplies, equipment maintenance, capital procurement and operator training. Hyster also has one of the best Financing Departments in the industry. Hyster Forklift Sales are successful throughout the world because of their strong customer support philosophy.

So while uses a lot of space to promote the sale of new and used forklifts, it speaks volumes about customer service as the hallmark of any good company, citing the major forklift companies, like Hyster, as models of extensive customer service programs to sustain loyalty to its brand.

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