Crane Maintenance Services

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Cranes are extremely powerful and very large pieces of machinery which can lift enormous weights, thus making very heavy objects much easier to move. If they are not operated safely and properly, they can also be an accident waiting to happen, and costly incidents such as accidents and injuries can be avoided if operators learn how to practice crane safety.

Crane maintenance is a very important aspect of crane safety and crane preventative maintenance and checks must be carried out in accordance with a crane inspection list to verify that the crane and all its related equipment and working parts are in first class working order.

Most cranes require various different checks to enable them to be operated safely and reliably. These checks will involve several different stages of inspection, and will include:

· Rigging checklist

· Mechanical checklist

There may be around sixty various checks (depending on the type of crane) when checking the rigging and just a few of these may include:

· Boom head section – Boom immediate sections – Boom butt section lattice/ hydraulic

· Rope terminations – Ropes

· Winches and drives – Winch pawl and ratchet wheel – Winch clutch – Winch brake

· Rotating elements

· Gearboxes and Torque converters

· Slew ring bolting – Slew drive, brakes and hooks

· Hydraulic Luff cylinders – Hydraulic system and hoses – Hydraulic lock valve

· Load weight indicator – Load radius indicator

· Engine shut down service – Log book

Other types of checks will include mechanical inspection, and these are also fairly numerous. Some of these mechanical checks will include safety items such as:

· Effective brakes for all conditions

· Headlights fitted and working

· Tail lights fitted and working

· Rollover protection

· Orange beacon and Strope fitted and working

· First aid kit – Fire extinguisher fitted

· Seat belts

· Auto Fire suppression fitted

The above includes only some of the checks for crane safety and other inspections and checks will be made for Automatic shutdown devices, the general condition of the machine and gas test results if the machine is to be used underground.

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