CLMG recently partnered with long time customer CSX

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CLMG recently partnered with long time customer CSX

‘CLMG recently partnered with long time customer CSX to build a training module for the purpose of training gate clerks how to inspect chassis, containers and trailers at their Jacksonville terminal. In the module, there are a total of 87 examples of what to look for when inspecting units being in-gated at the terminal.

The examples include everything from mud flaps, lights and tire issues; to missing lug nuts, bent dolly legs and broken crank handles. Each gate clerk goes through 10 hours of training before being certified. As a result of the training module and the training performed by CLMG staff, the clerks have vastly improved the amount of damage being identified before the units are allowed into the terminals.

Plans are in place for future modules at other locations throughout the country. The training module was built entirely by CLMG, CCT technicians, which took approximately 80 man hours to complete.

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  1. Great idea. Safety first!! If you ever need advice/assistance regarding wheel, rim, or component safety traning, please give me a call. I am a manufactures rep. for off-road wheels/rims/components. RIMEX Ray

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