CINC Introduces New cGMP Compliant V-5

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(PRWEB) February 27, 2000

Manufactured to Meet FDA and cGMP Requirements


Carson City, NV…CINC unveils the new cGMP V-5 unit. The V-5 is a liquid-liquid centrifugal separator that can also be used for extraction and washing at process flow rates up to 5 gpm. The cGMP V-5 offers the capability of rapid disassembly for inspection and cleaning along with enhanced surface finish, to minimize sites for microbial contamination.


The unique design enhances the utility of this liquid-liquid centrifuge in processes requiring cleaning and inspection of all wetted parts. This new model differs from previous designs in that it can be manufactured to meet FDA and cGMP requirements for sterilization and surface integrity. Sterile processes such as those employed in the pharmaceutical industry require thorough equipment cleaning and inspection between batches. This involves frequent dismantling and necessitates equipment that is simple in design, not only from the operational standpoint but from a maintenance standpoint as well.


Disassembly of the cGMP V-5 takes only minutes. The motor is separated from the unit by loosening four bolts via easy to grip hand knobs. Six hinged bolts are then loosened by hand and the rotor/bearing housing assembly is lifted from the housing and then placed in the clamping fixture. Next, the rotor nut is removed using the socket tool, the only tool required. At this point the bearing housing, rotor cover plate and heavy phase weir can be separated from the rotor. The same tool is also used to unscrew the upper rotor head from the lower allowing the vane package to be withdrawn. At this point all internal surfaces of the centrifuge can be inspected and cleaned. The wetted surfaces of the cGMP V-5 have been enhanced with full radiused corners, no exposed welds and electropolished surfaces (according to industry standards) that simplify the cleaning process and minimize sites for microbial contamination.


Design features of the new cGMP V-5 model include: Direct motor drive, providing easy motor installation without alignment and adjustment problems; no lower rotor shaft required, eliminating the lower bearing and mechanical seal; and hinged bolts on the lower housing, facilitating easy removal. The design cuts the cost and time for maintenance in half.


For more information, please contact: Christine Ladd –


3535 Arrowhead Drive · Carson City, NV 89706


Phone: 800-380-CINC 775-885-5080 FAX: 775-885-5087


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