International Shipping Secrets

International shipping is a large part of today’s complex business world. The ability to move cargo quickly and efficiently over great distances and across borders is crucial to keep the flow of business regular. A logistics company is best equipped to handle the ins and outs of commerce and transport, and can save many headaches for the owner of a company dealing in international trade. You want smooth handling of your shipment from...

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Sea Freight

Logistical problems are the bane of any freight moving operation, but they especially affect those that are required to send some goods via sea freight services. However, such problems may be eased with the combination of different services as part of a more complete transportation system. By use of such intermodal distribution, many problems related to the timeliness and difficulty may be eliminated. While they cannot generally work alone, air...

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Ground Freight Shipping

The world of business is an ever-growing and a challenging one. There are more and more participants entering the global market place, creating a situation of high volatility and dynamism. The one who reaches the target market first succeeds in maximizing profits. Hence, if you are aiming to reach your clients in international destinations, you should choose a reputable and reliable international freight shipping service provider. Nevertheless,...

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Intermodal Containers

Intermodal containers are a method of transporting cargo in bulk, either inland or overseas. They are also called freight or shipping containers. These units need to be built to ISO (the International Organisation for Standardisation) which set the standards for transporting overseas or across national borders. These standards were originally drafted by the United States defence department for use by the military. The ISO adapted these articles...

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Freight Containers

Freight Containers are used in intermodal freight transport, and are key items used in a system known as containerization. They are also known as intermodal transport units and are loaded and sealed intact onto railroad cars, ships, planes and trucks. The introduction of them resulted in huge improvements in port handling efficiency, which had the effect of lowering freight charges, and lowering general costs which helps boost the flow of trade....

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Cargo Containers

Known as containerization, cargo containers are a system of intermodal transport that can be loaded onto railroad cars, trucks, container ships and planes. When containers were introduced it resulted in major improvements in the efficiency of port handling, it lowered the costs which in turn lowered freight charges resulting in boosted trade flows. If you think about it pretty much any product consumed by humans has spent some of its life in...

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