Heavy Equipment Training

Construction equipment operators have been into high demand from long ago. A person who undertakes heavy equipment training is able to get a better pay scale and job. One can obtain heavy equipment training through a school program, on job training or apprenticeship. Heavy equipment training jobs involve variety of works, the popular positions in this field includes construction site works, construction of bridges and roads, working on the...

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Mechanics for Heavy Equipment

Mechanics for heavy equipment are responsible for repairing, maintaining and overhauling heavy equipment that are mobile that are often used in various jobs like mining, construction, forestry, land clearing, material handling, farming, landscaping and others. Nowadays, mechanics who are tasked to maintain heavy equipment have more tools at their disposal in case their equipment breaks down. Most mechanics who are assigned to care for this type...

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Become a Heavy Equipment Operator

When the entire world seems to be fighting with economic recession and corporate retrenchment, the industry of infrastructure and construction witnesses an augmented demand of skilled operators for using heavy equipments. Thus opting for a career as a heavy equipment operator can be a good choice as it is one of the most stable and well paying jobs in the industry. The construction industry is inherently dependent on heavy equipments. Owing to...

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Intermodal Containers or How Stuff Gets To Where It’s Going To

Shipping goods around the world, or at least what was long known as the ‘civilised world’, is a practice that was carried out as far back as the time of the Phoenician and Greek empires, if not further. Indeed the term ‘shipping’ that is used for moving the goods themselves, can quite obviously be traced back to the practice of moving them over water. If we go even further back in time, we are sure to find the first...

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When to Choose Rail or Intermodal Freight Shipping

First let explain in detail what exactly are these two transport services? What is the rail freight shipping and what is intermodal freight shipping? First the rail freight shipping means the supply of certain types of cargo from one place to another using some type of freight train. What gives us the advantage of using this service? The rail freight shipping is possibly the cheapest transportation of cargo that exists. When should you...

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Shipping Containers Around the World: How Major Cities Are Maximizing Shipping Containers

What we think of as shipping containers are actually called intermodal containers, because they are designed to work with several different modes of transportation. The box on a boxcar train, a stack of them on a cargo ship and the boxes hauled around by cranes in shipyards are all the same. They were designed for exactly this modularity, and have become ubiquitous around the world. So much so that many cities are finding they have to deal with...

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