Intermodal Transport and Land Bridges

While most people are unaware of it, intermodal freight transport has been around for quite some time, going all the way back to the 1780s in England. The method of moving a container holding freight from one vehicle to another without having to handle the freight itself has grown from ships and rail to include trucks and barges as technology has evolved. The use of standardized containers, or ISO containers, has allowed shipping across country...

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Freight Containers

Freight Containers are used in intermodal freight transport, and are key items used in a system known as containerization. They are also known as intermodal transport units and are loaded and sealed intact onto railroad cars, ships, planes and trucks. The introduction of them resulted in huge improvements in port handling efficiency, which had the effect of lowering freight charges, and lowering general costs which helps boost the flow of trade....

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Cargo Containers

Known as containerization, cargo containers are a system of intermodal transport that can be loaded onto railroad cars, trucks, container ships and planes. When containers were introduced it resulted in major improvements in the efficiency of port handling, it lowered the costs which in turn lowered freight charges resulting in boosted trade flows. If you think about it pretty much any product consumed by humans has spent some of its life in...

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Freighting Around the World

Freight denotes goods that are to be transported from one place to another by a commercial carrier. Carriers that deliver these goods are usually called freight forwarders. These freight forwarders specialize in moving large quantities of goods over large distances, and may use their own fleet of vehicles or hire service providers of transportation. In today’s busy world we often take for granted the fact that goods can pretty much be...

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Lift Maintenance

Regularly maintaining your lift is the key to reliable service. Planned preventative maintenance quickly diagnoses potential problems reducing the amount of time your lift is out of action. The purpose of having a planned maintenance schedule is to ensure a systematic check of the whole lift is completed. Dependant on your maintenance contract, the schedule and frequencies of checks will change but you should expect the following by the service...

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Heavy Equipment Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders were first invented in the 1920’s wherein a cable operated bucket is mounted on farm tractors. They were hard to operate and they have limited capacity. The evolution of the loader started after the WWII when hydraulic systems were incorporated in the design of the machine. Now, the wheel loader has earned its reputation in mining, construction and road building. Its mobility and efficiency made it an essential tool for many...

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