Sea Freight

Logistical problems are the bane of any freight moving operation, but they especially affect those that are required to send some goods via sea freight services. However, such problems may be eased with the combination of different services as part of a more complete transportation system. By use of such intermodal distribution, many problems related to the timeliness and difficulty may be eliminated. While they cannot generally work alone, air...

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Ground Freight Shipping

The world of business is an ever-growing and a challenging one. There are more and more participants entering the global market place, creating a situation of high volatility and dynamism. The one who reaches the target market first succeeds in maximizing profits. Hence, if you are aiming to reach your clients in international destinations, you should choose a reputable and reliable international freight shipping service provider. Nevertheless,...

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Intermodal Containers

Intermodal containers are a method of transporting cargo in bulk, either inland or overseas. They are also called freight or shipping containers. These units need to be built to ISO (the International Organisation for Standardisation) which set the standards for transporting overseas or across national borders. These standards were originally drafted by the United States defence department for use by the military. The ISO adapted these articles...

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A High Tech, Reusable, Cold Chain Shipping Container

The Kodiak cold chain shipping container is a technological leap forward from traditional one-way disposable packaging solutions for cold chain shipping. This technological leap coupled with the Active CC Boxes depot system (modeled after the 40 foot intermodal shipping container system) for handling the containers as they flow around the world makes the Kodiak the first truly economical, reusable, sustainable, small package cold chain shipping...

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Placing A Dollar Value On The Future Of Trucking In America

Sometimes it is easy to underestimate or take for granted the benefits that specific industries contribute to the economy as a whole. Trucking is one of those industries that often seems to be misunderstood by the general public. This is particularly hard to figure out for most truckers, especially if you spend any time driving on interstates across this country. On these roads you will see that the vast majority of traffic is big rigs,...

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Become A Freight Agent?

A way for you to enter into the Freight Brokerage business is to align yourself with an existing brokerage agency or 3PL that grows by agents or brokerage offices. I will tell you up front, this is a business decision that you need to make. Weather you open your own Freight Brokerage business and go it alone or align with someone; it needs to be in your best interest. On your own, you are responsible for everything. Alignment should remove some...

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