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Posted by on September 24, 2013 in Heavy Equipment Safety | 8 comments

Industrial 3D Animation from 3D CAD models exported by: SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Catia, NX, One Space Designer, Inventor, IronCAD, MegaCAD, HiCAD or other 3D …

The Director of Deep Creek Construction School explains the major differences between the OSHA safety certificate and the MSHA Safety Certificate.
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  1. Thanks!
    The integration of the hand-held device was not the hardest part of this whole animation ;-)

  2. very nice, in particular’ the hand-held device integrated with animation.

  3. …and MSHA?! Do they regulate other than mines?!

  4. OSHA writes the regulations that all companies in the industry must follow. There are books of them. They do not train at all. They require all companies to know and abide by the regulations they are responsible for. What they do is they come in when there is an accident or injury, evaluate the situation, and issue citations based on the regulations that were broken.  Each company then is responsible for training their employees on the regulations that pertain to them. That is how it works.

  5. Who regulates the safety of the construction industry, such as construction of residential and commercial building projects, OSHA or MSHA? A simple question needs a simple answer.

  6. If OSHA trains and certifies instructors, you should be able to show me the website describing the process to become a certified instructor. The process you went through to get your certification. The truth is, everybody is authorized to train OSHA. They have no legal value.
    MSHA certificates can only be issued by “certified” MSHA instructors. It is a felony to fake an MSHA certificate. You cannot go onto a mine site without one – above ground or below ground. That is the law.

  7. Haven’t you ever heard about The OSHA-10 and OSHA-30 Cards?! I’m sure you have and the question now is who issues them certificate cards?! The answer is an OSHA Authorizes Trainer an I am one of them! So yes, OSHA does train instructors and issue safety certificates. MSHA doesn’t deal with the above ground building construction industry, and I’ve never seen or heard of an MSHA agent or officer visited such a construction jobsite ever.

  8. Not so. There are more above ground mines than underground mines. MSHA trains instructors who issue a Federal certificate with a federal number on it as with all other federal documentation. OSHA does not train instructors nor do they issue safety certificates. OSHA creates regulations. Those who train OSHA regulations do so on their own and are not affiliated with nor approved to do so by OSHA.

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